6 Reasons You Need Regular Dental Check-Ups

When searching for “dentist Sarnia,” you may not have realized that regular dental check ups are both you and your dental team’s first line of defence to your overall and oral health.

Many people tend to wait to have a dental check-up in Sarnia until they experience significant discomfort, notice tooth discoloration, or chip a tooth. The fact is, not all dental problems surface as toothache symptoms. With a routine dental check-up schedule of every six months, we can ensure that any issues which arise are caught and taken care of early. This allows for minimally invasive treatment options, and a lesser expense to you.

At Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry, we like to be proactive by treating any concerns early and prevent involved treatment when possible. For most adults and children, we recommend your dental check-up frequency be every 6 or 9 months.  As the patient, you may not always be aware of what all takes place during your visit! Your hygienist not only sparkles up your smile, she also completes a thorough oral cancer screening, decay check and TMJ assessment before Dr. Davis comes in!

Prevention of Gum Disease by Removal of Plaque and Tartar Buildup

Part of the bi-annual dental check-up is a thorough cleaning.  Our dental hygiene professionals in Sarnia are experts at removing plaque and tartar that your toothbrush leaves behind, especially in hard to reach areas. Ensuring that your teeth and gums do not bleed and are plaque free will prevent gum disease becoming advanced!

Regular Dental Check Ups Help With Early Detection of Oral Cancer

During your dental examination, both the soft and hard tissues of your mouth are carefully inspected for signs of oral cancer. If any suspicious areas like lesions, ulcers, or patches are detected, a biopsy will be taken and tested.

Regular Dental Check Ups Help Diagnose Problems

Since not all dental problems are visible or feel symptomatic, we rely on x-rays to assist us with a complete diagnosis. Dr. Karen Davis generally recommends radiographs every 18 months which gives helps us to diagnose decay between teeth, infection (dental abscess), and even bone loss. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, we can also see this in a  larger radiograph called a panorex.

Regular Dental Check Ups Help With TMJ Evaluations

Jaw pain is caused by an inflammation in the TMJ (jaw) joint. Did you know that your headaches and earaches could be caused by your jaw joint? During your checkup we evaluate the jaw and check for soreness, popping or clicking noises, and restricted opening.

Sporadic cases of TMJ discomfort can be addressed with anti-inflammatory medication, a muscle relaxer and sometimes even physiotherapy to help relieve symptoms of a flare-up.

If you suffer from more frequent jaw pain and advanced symptoms, Dr. Karen Davis will then discuss benefits of Botox Therapy in combination with wearing a nightguard while you sleep for relief. A night guard is an acrylic appliance that fits snugly over your teeth. The device allows your jaw to be positioned in a resting state, preventing the ability to clench and grind.

In rare cases, TMJ issues may require surgery. The importance of regular dental check-ups is that we can monitor your flare-ups and discuss method of treatment.

Regular Dental Check Ups Help Discover Signs of Teeth Grinding

Some patients aren’t aware that they even grind their teeth! This habit can cause severe problems long term. When a person grinds, the enamel is worn down sometimes to an extreme level, causing wear (holes), cracks, pain and sensitivity. If left untreated, over time teeth may require a crowns to strengthen and avoid fracture.

During your regular dental check-up, we access signs of tooth wear. If there are evident signs, we can intervene and discuss treatment options.

Regular Dental Check Ups Help Patients With Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)

Having a dry mouth is a severe issue that can lead to many other secondary dental problems. Patients with a lack of saliva production will experience painful ulcers, burning sensations, a raw tongue, and bad breath.

One of the main jobs of saliva is to help flush excess food particles away.  When someone has a dry mouth, the food sticks to their teeth and if not brushed away, bacteria quickly develops, resulting in chronic levels of tooth decay and periodontal disease..

In some cases, we see cavities that have developed aggressively from dry mouth within a few months! Another reason why regular cleanings and  dental check-ups are essential!

Many Benefits All in One Package!

As you can see, there are many benefits of regular dental visits!  Don’t be a stranger! With the awesome dental hygiene team at Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry and good homecare, your oral and overall health will thank you!

If it’s been awhile since you’ve had a preventative visit, please call Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry in Sarnia!  We look forward to seeing you!

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