About Botox Therapy in Sarnia at Dr Karen Davis Dentistry

At Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry, we recommend Botox Therapy for Sarnia residents to help treat our patients struggling with migraines, teeth grinding, jaw pain and breakdown. Botox treatments can be life changing when all traditional methods have been tried with minimal or no results. While Botox Therapy is a simple, pain-free procedure, appropriate before and after care is important to ensure desired results and a gentle recovery. We simply recommend applying ice to treated sites, avoiding pain medications/blood thinners along with alcohol before and after your appointment to reduce/avoid bruising and swelling.
Please note that when any changes in medications are recommended, we ask that you check with your M.D. before proceeding.
Rest assured, when you Botox at Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry in Sarnia, you are in the hands of an experienced caring team who will ensure your comfort from start to finish!

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