With human populations’ sky rocketing in the last couple of decades, much of our natural environment has experienced a lot of degradation. So much so that its effects have been felt in virtually any part of our planet. However, all hope is not lost and there is still much that can be done to reverse the whole situation. Nonetheless, there is still bits and portions of our natural environment that are still somewhat intact. That however has taken much effort and a lot of human intervention to seeing that the little that is left remains in perfect condition. 

On the shores of Lake Harun in the city Sarnia stands one such place that has been a haven for not just humans but the biodiversity that thrives here thanks to the conservation efforts put in place; Canatara Beach and Park. The Canatara Beach is more than just any other conventional beach that we all know about. It is not always about the sand beneath our feet and the fresh breeze that ripples through our clothes while caressing our skin. 

Having being fine-tuned to be accommodative to all types of person; the Canatara Beach is one of the finest places in the city of Sarnia where all can unwind and relax. On site you will find a kids park with large open spaces where they can roam and play freely. Better yet, if your kid or teenagers happen to love skating then this has got to be the best place to bring them as there is a skate park available as well. With winding running trail throughout the park, Canatara Beach goes a long way to making sure that people of all ages can have their nature walks as they enjoy views of the beach and Lake Harun that stretches as far as they eye can see. 

Unpleasantly chilly during winter months, things take a sudden sweet change when summer kicks in. During this time, visitors from virtually any part of the world can tour this more than amazing beach for some skinny dipping fun time alongside friends and family. If you happen to be a first time visitor to the city of Sarnia and are probably wondering where you ought to go and chill while having some great times, then the Canatara Beach ought to be your one-stop venue! What are you waiting for? Canatara Beach & Park awaits you!

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