With the sprawling urban developments over the past 7 decades or so, the need for proper urban planning was inevitable as human populations of most towns and other urban set ups sky rocketed. Most of which were aimed at thee general well being of the masses as aa healthy population reflects a happy society that is almost if not entirely devoid of societal vices. Our natural environment is one such perfect paragon of keeping people healthy.

Tucked in the city of Sarnia, Ontario, Centennial Park is without a doubt the perfect example whenever we speak of bespoke man-made parks as it has got lots to offer to both its local and foreign visitors.  Better yet, it is an all rounded park that caters for the needs of people from virtually any age group; toddlers and the aged included. From meandering paved walkways to numerous seating and picnic areas, this park here never disappoints and never has. The natural surroundings found here at Centennial Park are just but the icing on a cake and go a long way to complimenting all that is found in the park. As you jog or have an evening walk, enjoy the fresh air and views of boats and kayaks cruising on the St.Clair River. 

For your kids needs, there is huge chunk of land allocated where kids have equipment to play with and have a time of their lives as too muck work without play definitely makes jack a very dull boy. Besides being such a wonderful man-made park, Park Centennial offers visitors a lovely chance to visit The Suncor Agor Convert Park that can be found within the park’s premises. Here, get to enjoy some live band music as you savor some mouth-watering delicacies alongside friends and family. Just a walking distance away, you will find some of the best eateries in the area and shopping outlets alike which makes Centennial Park such an amazing hidden gem in the city of Sarnia. If you are planning for weekend unwinding, a visit to Centennial Park has got to be paramount as it has got almost everything that you could want. Better yet, there is a fry truck that frequents the park 7 days a week 365 days a year except when there is special occasions in place. Without a doubt this serene park has got to be on your bucket list of places to visit while in the city of Sarnia. Visit today!

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