Chipped & Cracked Teeth, Treatment & Costs

Early treatment of cracked or chipped teeth can prevent costly treatment in the long run!

Do You Have a Chipped or Cracked Tooth?

Both chipped and cracked teeth are a time-sensitive matter. If you have a problem tooth, please call Dr. Karen Davis to have a quick assessment.

Chipped Tooth

Chipped and worn teeth can be a result of clenching, grinding, an uneven bite, accidental or even basic everyday wear and tear. If a tooth has a large filling, sometimes a sliver of the natural tooth will break away simply due to stress.

Cracked Tooth

Cracked teeth are one of the hardest things to diagnosis in dentistry. If a tooth is cracked, you may feel a variety of symptoms. Have you ever bit down and felt a sharp twinge, then it goes away immediately? Old silver fillings will always cause cracking over time (amalgam expands, think of a penny on a railroad flattened over the years).

Chipped Tooth Treatment

Small Chipped Tooth Treatment

A small chip is usually a quick and easy procedure requiring no local anesthetic. In this case, our Sarnia dentist may be able to simply polish it smooth. If enough tooth/filling material was lost, Dr. Davis may recommend bonding material back to avoid further breakdown.

Large Chipped Tooth Treatment

A large chip or fracture affects the integrity of the tooth. Depending on the amount of tooth structure lost, our Sarnia dentist may recommend reinforcing the tooth with a crown for strength.  A crown is like a “porcelain helmet” that will protect the compromised tooth.

Cracked Tooth Treatment

Unfortunately, cracked teeth are challenging to diagnose simply because they are unpredictable. Symptoms of a cracked tooth can vary, and unless large are not visible on x-rays.

Small Cracked Tooth Treatment

It is very common for people to have visible hairline cracks in teeth as a result of daily wear and tear. Most of the time the cracks aren’t bothersome and can go untreated. If a small crack becomes uncomfortable, our dentist in Sarnia may recommend a bonded filling for strength.

Large Cracked Tooth Treatment

In an effort to prevent the crack from damaging the nerve of the tooth, Dr. Davis will recommend a crown. When you have a fractured tooth the force from chewing causes the fracture to flex, further weakening the tooth and causing pain.  Our concern with cracked tooth syndrome is always the possibility of infection. If the bacteria has got into the crack and down into the nerve of the tooth before we were able to treat it, than root canal therapy will be required.


In some rare instances, the crack is so deep that a section of the tooth breaks off, exposing the inner pulp chamber and removal may be required.


If Dr. Davis feels that this option may be an unsuccessful effort at saving the tooth, extracting it and replacing it with a dental implant can be a much more predictable alternative.

What Does It Cost to Repair a Cracked or Chipped Tooth?

Every insurance plan is different and varies depending on your individual plan. If you have a broken tooth, whether it’s cracked or chipped,  don’t wait any longer, come and see Dr Karen Davis Dentistry in Sarnia today.

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