Here Are The Best Qualities To Look For When Choosing A Family Dentist For Your Children!

First of all, we value your time and share the importance of providing excellent service and care for your entire family.  At Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry, we pride ourselves in remaining current with the latest technology, keeping our patients comfortable, healthy and happy!  

A Family Dentist Who Will See Children

Surprise! Not all general dentists in Sarnia prefer to see young faces. Many will refer children to a paediatric dental practice until your child is much older. At our office, Dr. Davis recommends bringing your child in for their first oral health check by the time the first tooth erupts or their first birthday, whichever comes first…..even if it means just a ride in the chair! 

A Friendly Team

Great interactions and experiences will shape your child’s perception of visiting the dentist when they’re an adult. Troubles related to dental anxiety or phobia often tie back to bad experiences that happen as a child. The best family dentist will be one that makes your little one feel comfortable and works at their individual pace. Taking one thing at a time will lower the chances of anxiety and help your child feel relaxed at future visits. 

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There’s a good chance that your child will be spending more time with one of our hygienists than Dr. Davis. Feeling comfortable with everyone in our office is just as important as choosing a dentist that you like!

Paediatric Preventative Services are Offered

Does your family dentist offer preventative services for children, such as sports mouthguards, orthodontic and sleep apnea screenings? When it comes to your child’s health, prevention is key. Reducing the risk of injuries and tooth decay can help your child enjoy healthy teeth that last for years to come. 

Before scheduling an appointment for your family with a new dentist, call the office to ask if paediatric services are provided. Be sure to ask about things like if the dentist is trained with laser dentistry (often requiring no needles!), nitrous oxide (laughing gas), early intervention with orthodontics are just a few. 

A Great Reputation

The best family dentist will be one that people love to go to! Even though visiting the dentist may not be at the top of the list of favourite things to do, our team makes it a priority to keep it lively, fun and efficient! Ask your friends, neighbours, and people at your children’s school about which dentist they see. If you hear the same name over and over again, that’s a great sign!

Are you looking for a new family dentist?

Any Special Needs to Keep in Mind

Special needs dentistry encompasses a variety of factors. It may be that your little one struggles with a delicate medical condition, sensory issue, behavioural need, or something else. Communicating those concerns with your dental team can help your family dentist provide the best level of care from day one. Always be sure to ask if their office treats children with that specific condition to find out if they’re equipped to give your family the attention it deserves. 

Someone Who Connects

Relationships matter, even when it comes to dentistry. Having open communication with a dental team that’s committed to education allows you and your child to play an active role in their oral health. 

One Who Works with Your Insurance 

In a “well-oiled” family dental practice, the clinical coordinators will complete insurance forms and process them on your behalf. Additionally, they can run all of the numbers so that you always know what to expect regarding costs related to your child’s care. That way you have access to the benefits you’re entitled to and aren’t caught off guard with surprise bills a few weeks later. 

We Love Seeing Kids!

If you’re still looking for a great family dentist in Sarnia, we hope you’ll give us a call! Dr Karen Davis Dentistry offers personalized, exceptional dental care for all ages (including young children.) Our commitment to a gentle experience and comprehensive care approach helps kids get their oral health started on the right track and keep it there for a lifetime. That way they can lower their chances of dental emergencies, cavities, and orthodontic complications before they even start. 

Call our Sarnia family dentist today to request an appointment!

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