A Complete Guide to Dental Veneers in Sarnia, Ontario

Have you ever considered cosmetic dental veneers in Sarnia, Ontario? Surprisingly, this treatment is a quick and straightforward option for anyone wishing to enhance their smile! If you are wanting to change the appearance of crooked, misshaped, or discolored teeth, veneers can offer great results!

In this complete guide to dental veneers we will cover:

  1. What is a Dental Veneer?
  2. What are the Different Types of Veneers?
  3. The Veneer Procedure, Step-by-Step
  4. Are Dental Veneers Permanent?
  5. Are Veneers Worth It?
  6. Pros and Cons of Dental Veneers
  7. How Long Do Veneers Last on Your Teeth?
  8. How Much Do Veneers Cost in Canada?

What is a Dental Veneer?

Dental veneers are aesthetic restorations that serve to improve a tooth’s appearance, rather than repair an area of damage or decay. Each one is a thin layer of porcelain, bonded to the front of the teeth that show when you smile or laugh.You could almost compare them to having an acrylic fingernail over your natural one.
Since veneers are for aesthetic purposes, Dr. Davis will start with a complimentary Smile Analysis consultation to determine how many will be required by the changes you’re looking for and condition of your present smile..
Because veneers are cosmetic, we recommend them for healthy teeth. Any evidence of gum disease or decay will need to be
addressed prior to proceeding with treatment.
What are the Different Types of Veneers?
Depending on your needs and desired outcome, our Sarnia dentist will provide you with a few different styles of veneers depending on material chosen:
Traditional Porcelain — Depending on the amount of preparation required to your teeth, different porcelains are carefully selected by Dr. Davis. After the dentist has evaluated work involved, she will at that time decide which porcelain would be best, and if your new smile will be fabricated in office and sent out to our lab.
Chairside (Composite Filling) — A distant second compared to porcelain, your teeth can be reshaped out of white filling material and bonded, same as a basic filling procedure and provides a nice result. The drawback of composite veneers are
that they over time will pick up stain and aren’t as natural looking as porcelain due to limitations of the material.
The Veneer Procedure, Step-by-Step
Most of the veneers that our Sarnia dentist recommends are traditional porcelain. A typical treatment plan at Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry will look like the following!
1. The consultation. During this appointment we’ll talk about what aspects of your smile you want to change, enhance, or keep the same. It could be that you want whiter looking teeth that are straighter, or to close in gaps between your teeth. During your consultation at our office in Sarnia, we’ll decide if veneers or another alternative is the best treatment. In most situations, we require a diagnostic mock-up of what your proposed veneers look like, and if this meets your approval we will proceed to the next step.
2. The preparation appointment. Now that we’ve have gathered and reviewed all necessary information, you get to relax in our chair and Dr. Davis will gently prepare your teeth for veneers. First, a thin layer of enamel is removed as we design the tooth structure to accept the changes we require for your new smile! At this time we will use our CEREC machine to digitally scan your teeth whether we are fabricating your veneers in office and sending them out to our lab. Temporary veneers may be bonded over your teeth in some cases.
3. Delivery. About two weeks after your preparation appointment, you’ll return to Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry to have the temporary veneers removed and the long term veneers bonded into place. We love to see the smiles and even tear when our patients see their new smile for the first time!!
Are Dental Veneers Permanent?
Like other types of dental treatment, veneers are not permanent. They may gradually wear down, chip, or leak (especially if not maintained properly.)
Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry wants your new smile investment to last as long as possible. We strongly recommend continuing with regular maintenance visits at our Sarnia dentist office to monitor your overall health, the integrity of your veneers and treat any other area requiring attention.
Are Veneers Worth It?
Investing in yourself and enhancing your smile has a tremendous impact on how you feel, your level of self-confidence, and even the impression made on other people.
If you feel embarrassed about the way your teeth look, imagine the social doors that could be opened if you’re actually confident about the appearance of your smile. Whether you want to laugh freely around friends or stand out during your
business meetings, choosing to invest in your well being is worth it!
Dental Veneers Pros and Cons?
Although dental veneers have a lot of great things about them, there are some characteristics that you’ll want to weigh before making the leap to have your smile made over.
Because veneers aren’t permanent, you may have to replace them one day. Additionally, a thin layer of enamel is removed before the veneer is bonded over your tooth; since this is the case, if one ever falls off, you’ll have to have it immediately replaced with a new one. Unless the veneers are “prepless,” they’re irreversible.
On the other hand, veneers offer the most significant aesthetic results when you want a dramatically whiter, straighter smile without having to wear braces or consistently whiten your teeth. They give you “instantly” aligned teeth when time matters the most.
How Long Do Veneers Last on Your Teeth?
Properly maintained and cared for veneers can last around a decade or more before they need to be replaced. If you have a tendency to grind or clench your teeth, wearing a protective bite splint can help you avoid possible wear or chipping of the porcelain. Homecare is very important and will increase to life of your new smile.
How Much Do Veneers Cost in Canada?
Veneer costs depend on the style and treatment you have chosen, how many are required, and if any whitening is recommended before starting treatment.
Please feel free to contact our Sarnia office to schedule a complimentary consultation at Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry. Convenient financing plans are available!

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