When Do You Need to Get a Crown? (Top Reasons to Get CEREC Dental Crowns)

CEREC Dental Crown patient smiling in mirror after one-visit procedure“Do I really need a crown?” 

“Are crowns necessary?”

“What happens when you get a crown”

“How much tooth is needed for a crown”

These are all common questions people have about getting a crown. Below, we have provided information that should be helpful and will assist in answering these questions you may have!

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown (also known as a dental cap) is like a “porcelain helmet” that embraces your natural tooth. These restorations can be fabricated with a variety of different materials. A dental crown looks just like your own tooth while providing strength and protection. 

When Is A Crown Needed?

Dr Karen Davis will recommend a crown ultimately to provide strength to a weak tooth. Some circumstances in which a crown may be required are trauma, a cracked tooth, badly decayed teeth, restoring an implant, and even a cosmetic smile makeover! 

A large filling or a significant amount of decay weakens your natural tooth structure. Getting a crown will help to stabilize your tooth and prolong its life.

Shallow, hair-line cracks can deepen and cause your tooth to fracture (this is common with old amalgam fillings). If the decay seeps into the crack and reaches the nerve of your tooth before the decay is treated, a root canal may be required before placing a crown. By reinforcing these minor cracks with a crown, we can protect them from causing severe problems in the future and possible loss of your tooth.

If in the event you do require root canal therapy, a crown will be recommended once that is completed. A root canal removes the nerve tissue which leaves your tooth very fragile. Doing so can leave your tooth vulnerable to breaking, so our dentist in Sarnia will suggest a crown as a part of your treatment plan.

Another reason why a crown may be needed is to aesthetically improve the appearance of your smile. Many people are self-conscious of their teeth. When a tooth is crooked, slanted, or discolored, covering it with a crown can make it look more natural.

Lastly, crowns are the optimal way to restore single or multiple missing teeth. 

Are Crowns Necessary?

Some people ask, “are crowns necessary” for their teeth? Crowns are meant to protect your natural tooth. Ultimately the decision will be up to you whether you want to prolong the life of your weakened tooth or if you want to put it off, and sadly risk breaking your tooth off at the gum line (having no way to restore it at that point.)

What Happens When You Get A Crown?

Many people are fearful of the unknown and will shy away from having certain dental procedures done because of their anxiety. Understanding what happens when you get a crown may help put your mind at ease.

Getting a dental crown means that our dentist will need to conservatively reduce your tooth structure (preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible). This will depend on the amount of decay and breakdown present.

Conventional Crowns vs. CEREC Dental Crowns

Having a conventional crown procedure requires having impressions taken and leaving the office with a temporary crown. A return visit is required a few weeks later to cement the lab-fabricated crown into place.

CEREC dental crowns are same-day crowns that combine two separate crown appointments into only one visit.

After preparing the tooth, we digitally scan the area with our camera, creating a digital 3-D replica of your tooth preparation. This step prevents you from needing an impression and provides us with a more accurate replica, which in the end provides a better result (less adjusting).

With the digital scan, our same-day dentist can design your custom crown and send the data to our in-office CEREC machine. Here, we fabricate your restoration while you wait in the comfort of the treatment room or lie back to take a short nap. A procedure that used to take weeks now takes minutes. There’s no need to wear stubborn temporary crowns or return for another appointment. You’ll love the advantages of a same-day CEREC crown!

Getting A CEREC Crown in Sarnia

Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry offers same-day CEREC crowns. If you have questions about if you need a crown or think that you might benefit from this procedure, then call our office for your complimentary consultation!  We would love to help you with all of your dental needs, so don’t hesitate! We look forward to seeing you!

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