Of all gifts given to mankind by their creator, nature has got to be one of the best if not the best. Without it, we would be non existent; truth be told. Very few people understand or rather appreciate the good things that nature bestows to man and as a result we have destroyed it without hesitation and that is evident with the current degradation of our planet and exhaustion of our natural resources. All this has happened within the last two centuries. View it from this point; the nature that we experience and see in our day to day lives is symbiotic in nature. One depends on another for its survival. Much of the natural calamities that we have experienced in the last couple of decades has been as a result of the degradation of our environment. Trees are as important as our water bodies and wildlife alike. Extinction of either of the elements of nature will indeed result to the extinction of another. As such finding the perfect balance is inevitable for the survival of both mankind and nature itself. 

Nestled in Sarnia, Ontario, Lake Huron is one such perfect paragon of how large water bodies help with reducing our carbon emissions. It is for a fact the second largest freshwater lake in the world and is home to countless marine species. For ages now, Lake Huron has been a vibrant attraction for both locals and foreigners. Here there is tons of activities att visitors disposal. From kayaking to fishing and scuba diving thanks to the more than 1000 shipwrecks that sit at the bottom of this natural wonder. Better yet, you have the option of touring either of the more than 30 light houses dotted along the lake for unobscured 360 degree views of the lake and its environs. The numerous picnic sites are an icing on the cake as they offer such serene environs where you can get to tag your friends and family for some weekend unwinding. Not too far from the lake, you will find some of the best restaurants that offer mouth-watering delicacies ar affordable and equally competitive prices. 

There is a lot to be done at ‘La Mer Douce’ as it was originally know with the best being evening walks as you bask and soak in the evening sun. What are you waiting for? Visit Lake Huron today!

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