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Laser Dentistry in Sarnia: An Anxiety-Free Dental Experience Guide

Do you dread having dental procedures done? If so, you’re not alone.  Many people get anxious when they’re told they need to undergo dental treatment.  In fact, some patients will avoid having their issues fixed because of fear from several things like needles, drilling, potential pain, and loud sounds. 

What would you think if we told you we can provide you with a more pleasant dental experience? 

No, we’re not talking about sedation dentistry. Our dentist in Sarnia has unique equipment that uses the latest technology, providing you with unsurpassed efficiency in dental treatment.

A dental laser. 

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is when we use special FDA-approved lasers to treat specific oral health conditions. In our laser dental clinic, we employ three different lasers, newest being the Solea All Tissue CO2 Dental Laser. LASER stands for “light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.” This special equipment creates light energy in a very narrow and focused beam. When aimed at teeth or gums, it causes a reaction that vaporizes the soft or hard tissue.

What Does Solea All Tissue CO2 Dental Laser Treat?

At our laser dental clinic, we can perform several procedures of the soft tissue (gum), hard tissue (teeth), and bone. For example, laser dentists can treat cavities, root canal infections, and gum disease. Lasers can recontour your gumline, remove excess tissues from the throat that causes sleep apnea, as well as removing mouth sores and benign oral tumors. Other dental laser treatments include the collection of tissue biopsies, and exposing wisdom teeth in preparation for their removal.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry Treatments?

When you agree to have a dental procedure completed with the Solea Dental Laser, you’ll get to experience all of the benefits that dentistry laser treatments have to offer, such as:

Experience Less Pain – The feedback from our patients is generally that the laser isn’t “sensation” free, but it is comfortable and painless whether treating soft or hard tissue.

No Needles Required – Since you won’t feel pain, procedures can be completed without the use of anesthetic. This means you won’t have to experience the uncomfortable, dreaded injection and numbing feeling that lasts for hours. 

Reduces the Use of a Dental Drill – The need for the loud, vibrating drill in your mouth is reduced drastically. Our new laser is quiet and the accurate reshaping power removes tooth and gum tissue instantly. 

Reduced Bleeding – The laser promotes blood clotting by sealing blood vessels. So, when our dental laser trims your tissue away, you will experience very minimal bleeding.

Completes Procedures Faster – Because of how fast Solea works and the unnecessary need for anesthesia, most procedures can be completed within minutes compared to traditional methods that can take much longer.

May Prevent You From Needing Multiple Procedures – Eliminating the need for anesthesia removes obstacles that slow down and limit what can be done during a dental visit. In a nutshell, this allows us to treat many areas in your mouth in a single visit, therefore, avoiding the need for a return visit. We respect your busy schedule!

Fewer Referrals Needed –  The Solea Dental Laser provides us with the ability to perform most soft tissue surgeries chairside, therefore no need to refer you to outside our family! 

Who Can Undergo Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry isn’t limited to a select few individuals.  All our dental patients have the opportunity to experience the benefits of this revolutionary tool. 

Solea Dental Laser is great for children because it keeps the visit calm and comfortable. Since there’s no anesthetic, pregnant women don’t have to wait till after they give birth to have dental procedures done. Even people with pacemakers who can’t undergo electrosurgery due to the risk of electrical interference can enjoy the benefits of laser dentistry.

Where to Find a Laser Dental Clinic in Sarnia, Ontario

If you’re looking for a Sarnia dentist who provides laser dentistry and other state-of-the-art dental care, call Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry. Patient comfort is our top priority.  Don’t prolong your dental treatment any longer because of fear. Call today for a complimentary consultation!

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