Migraine Botox® in Sarnia, ON: What to Expect, Injection Sites, Costs & Insurance Coverage

Are you looking for relief of your migraines in Sarnia, Ontario? How to treat them or what to do? If so, keep reading…
Do you suffer from frequent migraines (more than 14 per month)?
They’re often due to muscle tension in the forehead, jaw (TMJ) area and neck, radiating pain throughout the face and into your back. For some people, the constant pain and muscle fatigue results in other conditions like TMJ disorder (TMD).
Fortunately, patients of our Sarnia dental office have another option for managing headaches, migraines and jaw pain without having to reach for a dose of medication every eight hours.
Instead, they can experience migraine relief for up to 4 months.
How is it possible? By treating your pain with Botox® for migraines in Sarnia.
Read on to learn more about what to do for a migraine.

Botox® for Migraines in Sarnia, Ontario: What to Expect

Most people know that Botox® is a common injectable serum used for cosmetics (such as fine line reduction and addressing wrinkles.) But it’s also a natural muscle relaxant, lessening the tension in the area where it’s injected for up to several months after the application.
If you’re someone who suffers from frequent tension headaches, migraines and jaw pain due to muscle fatigue, Botox® could be the answer!
Having Botox® injections for aesthetics is something people do every day!
Here’s what to expect when having migraine Botox® injections:
The small applicators can cause a tiny pinching sensation, but nothing significantly painful, most compare this to acupuncture.
At the hands of an experienced healthcare professional, having Botox® could be the easiest thing you did for yourself all day!
After your migraine Botox® treatment, you won’t see or feel immediate results. Rather, the serum will gradually take full effect over the following 7 to 10 days.
Maintaining results is simple; we will schedule follow appointments with Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry typically every 3-4-months, depending on the severity of your discomfort.

Botox® for Migraines Injection Sites 

Where is Botox® injected?
There are actually several sites located including jaw, forehead, temples, back of head/neck and shoulders. Dr. Karen Davis will determine which areas will benefit from treatment based on information given by patient.
Strategically placed injection sites are mapped out to lessen the tension over a wider area.
Once relaxed, your muscles loosen the pressure throughout the face, forehead and jaw in turn providing much needed migraine relief.

What Botox® for Migraines in Sarnia Costs

The cost of having Botox® treatment for migraines in Sarnia depends solely on the individual concerns and severity of pain. We recommend that you come into Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry for a complimentary TMD or migraine consultation so that we can better tailor the cost of Botox® to your specific treatment needs.

Remember, treating migraines with Botox® means you also have the option of:

  • Reducing the number of prescription or over-the-counter medications you’re taking.
  • Getting a better night’s rest, without waking up with headache or jaw pain.
  • Taking less time off from work because of painful migraines.
  • Long-lasting results that are easy to maintain.

Is Botox® for Migraines Covered by Insurance?

Yes, migraine Botox® is covered by insurance.
In most cases, Botox® is covered by medical plans when used to treat health problems like TMD (TMJ Disorder) and migraine headaches. It’s well worth the time to pursue as a method of pain relief, especially if you’ve struggled with chronic headaches for a number of years. Our experienced team will do all the paperwork on your behalf!
Not everyone is qualified to offer Botox® for migraines, so it’s important to choose the best practitioner for your specific needs.
Dr. Karen Davis has years of experience treating different issues concerning the muscles of the face, jaw, and neck. A Sarnia dentist like Dr Karen Davis is a great resource to choose!
We’re proud to offer migraine Botox® treatments in our Sarnia practice for new and existing patients alike.

Why Choose Botox® for Migraine Pain Relief in Sarnia, Ontario

Reducing your stress level through lifestyle changes, diet, exercise, and a good night’s sleep are all vital to combating headaches.
Fortunately, Botox® is here to help with your migraine pain relief.
Our Sarnia Botox® provider can help you see effective results within a few visits.
After your treatment, we will see you for follow up within one week and check on your progress.
Is Botox® right for you? Contact Dr Karen Davis Dentistry in Sarnia today to schedule a complimentary evaluation.

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