Alcohol or ale as people from the medieval times would call it has been with us for as long as man has been on this dear planet that we call earth. Back then, it was meant for special occasions; post war especially. It was a reserve for the elderly and warriors alike or adults so to speak as it is in our world today. Whenever there were ceremonies, ale had to be involved and for the right reasons as such. Ever since, much has evolved and there are tons and tons of varieties out in the market today and one is literally spoiled for choice. From wine, to vodka, whiskey, brandy and tequila just to name a few, you literally can have it all based on what excites your taste buds. All this however has been possible thanks to science and innovation coupled with good work ethics.

What began as a simple hangout amongst friends and family has over the years evolved into a big booming business right in the heart of the city of Sarnia. In small social gathering groups was this brilliant idea hatched and ever since, the sky has been their only limit. Back then, they would meet and everyone would bring a pack of six beers in which they’d sit, relax and savour some tasty beer; most of which came from Michigan. Little by little, day by day, it quickly turned in to an obsession and this is what brought forth the; Refined fool Brewing Company as of the year 2014! Well, one cannot help but wonder why they’d come up with such a name for a company. Having absolutely zero prior knowledge about beer making, this group of friends had absolutely no idea of how to go about it hence the name ‘fool’. But as time went by, the quality of beer they produced slowly became better and better hence the name ‘refined’.

For beer lovers who happen to pay the city of Sarnia a visit, popping in at Refined Fool Brewery has got to be a must. Coupled with an inviting serene environment with professional staff not forgetting their mouth-watering beer, you can bet your very last dime that this venue will leave you more than impressed with every visit! Better yet, always be on the lookout for their amazing offers that are available all year round. Visit Refined Fool Brewery today! 

Sarnia Farmers Market, Sarnia, Canada
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