Farming has been part and parcel of our existence since the beginning of times. That however has not been the case throughout the world as some ancient communities practiced different kinds of things to ensure the communities and people thrived. All this was entirely based on the geographical and climatic conditions that prevailed then. To some, farming was a better option as the prevailing climatic conditions allowed it while others were pastoralists as farming was not an option on the table. Nonetheless, whatever worked out worked and vice versa. 

In our modern day world, a lot has evolved all thanks to science and innovation coupled with sustainable agricultural practices. What seemed impossible back then is now achievable and the sky can be the only limit. Speaking of farming, Sarnia Farmers market boasts to be one of the oldest and independently run markets in the region, having been in existence since 1953. However, there is more to it than just basic farm food being sold at the market.  At the Sarnia Farmers Market there is a lot at display. From fisheries, to butcheries and even bee keeping, you will definitely have it all here all thanks to all the stakeholders involved in making sure that everything runs as it should.

Open to the public every Wednesday and Saturday morning ever since its inception, Sarnia’s Farmers Market has had the opportunity to offer is array and wide range of mouth-watering delicacies to visitors from virtually anywhere. This has over the decades bettered the livelihoods of the local farmers as it has been a perpetual source of income. Seeing as most people happen to be quite busy during weekdays, Sarnia Farmers market is more often than not frequented on weekends. If you are planning to pay the city of Sarnia a visit, it would be better to do so on Saturday when there is a lot at display as this will leave you literally spoilt for choice. During the cold winter months, auctioning of farm produce normally takes place indoors thus ensuring continuity regardless of the weather.

Sarnia Farmers Market is without a doubt the best of its kind in the region and as the years go by, it can only get better and better. For newbies in Sarnia, ON, this right here has got to be your one-stop market for all your grocery needs and much more. Visit today! What are you waiting for? 

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