Whenever we think of museums, one word ought to come to mind; posterity! It is the decisions we make today that will determine the lives of our future generations. Truth be told, a couple of centuries back, little to no effort was put in ensuring that future generations had a glimpse of how life was back then. Much we can do at this point in time of our lives is to speculate for we have little or rather insufficient evidence to back up our discoveries. But with structures like museums in place, life without a doubt gets simpler and easier for future generations as they will have a reference point and that majorly is the reason as to why museum were invented. Here, lots and lots of information can be found both for educational and research purposes or simply leisure. 

As such great care has and ought to be accorded to these places where our future generations depend on it. One such museum that seeks to ensure that posterity prospers is none other than the Stones ‘N Bones Museum found in Sarnia, Southwest Ontario. Over 6000 objects can be found here. From ancient dinosaurs bone remains, rare gems and stones, all are at permanent displays scattered throughout the various museum galleries. Ideal for budding geologists and entomologists as well, the Stones ‘N Bones Museum offers such great learning opportunities to its visitors from far and beyond. Better yet, if you are planning for an academic excursion for your students, the Stones ‘N Bones Museum has got to be the best place to tour. Visitors; both local and foreign are always welcome and can be rest assured of the best assistance where need be thanks to the ever-friendly and professional staff. 

It doesn’t always have to be visits to the beach or visits to shopping malls, a change from time to time definitely comes in handy; better yet excites and educates the mind. There is a lot to view and learn from the Stones ‘N Bones Museum and  a single visit to this amazing venue is without a doubt not enough and gets better with every visit. For some fun-filled unwinding weekend, the Stones ‘N Bones Museum has got to be your place of choice. It for a fact ought to be on your bucket list of museums to tour while in the city of Sarnia. Visit today!

The Germain Park, Sarnia, Canada
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