As a species, having clean environs and nature surrounding us is essential for our general well-being and as the old saying goes; health is wealth! Back then a couple of centuries ago, public parks or parks in general were a preserve for the well of fellows or those in positions of power. They understood what most couldn’t.; clean air and natural surroundings to couple it up. As such, most of these people high up the societal pyramid saw the need to have their own private gardens and collections of various types of wildlife from birds to even doers and moose.

As populations sprung up especially after the first and second world wars, parks significantly sprung up especially in the urban set ups as it is here where much of air pollution was taking place. In our world today, there are even more hazardous air pollutants hence the need for even more public parks. A city like Sarnia is one such perfect paragon when we speak of going green and everything urban parks. Nestled in the heart of Sarnia is a public park that has for years been a refuge and tranquil oasis that one can barely tell the chaotic city life right next to it. Here, there is serenity like none other. 

From dog-friendly spaces, to large vast areas for kids to play and picnic sites dotted all around the park just to mention but a few, Germain Public Park has it all and could arguably be one of the best public parks in the entire Sarnia, Ontario area. The natural surrounding here makes everything even better with each and every visit. If you love enjoying watching kids play with their pets or simply meeting new people, then Germain Park has got to be you go-to Public Park. However, if you would prefer a rather quiet environment, then head up right to the meditation park for some quiet alone time. 

Nearby to Germain Public Park is an array of restaurants all serving a variety of cuisines and shopping areas just in case you needed to get something for your kids and loved ones. However, while at the park and outside the pet area, always remember to have your pet on a leash to avoid causing disturbance to other park visitors.  Highly rated and visited in equal measure, the Germain Public Park has got to be on your bucket list of places to visit while in the city of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Visit today!

Wawanosh Wetlands Conservation Area, Sarnia, Canada
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