Life under the sun is as interesting for virtually any ‘clever’ creature and we as human beings happen to fall under that category. For ages, we have always found or discovered something new, something that will make our lives interesting. This all started with simple mimicking. Yes! You heard that right! Back then, individuals who happened to be well talented more often than not found themselves mimicking people; those in power especially. Sooner or later, they realized that they could actually make a living out of it. That my friends was the advent of matters acting and all the nitty gritties that came along with it. 

In our world today, much has changed truth be told but we still have somewhat remained true to the very first forms of acting; live acting to be precise. Nowadays, there is a lot that happens in the films industry and especially the post-production aspect of it with all the editing and all. Unlike the ‘medieval’ kind of acting we now have advanced cameras thanks to science and innovation. But as the old saying goes; old is gold. As a species, we still have not let go of the live acting and The Imperial Theatre in the city of Sarnia is evidence enough to it all. 

With a 600 people capacity theatre, rehearsal halls, licensed bars, administrative offices and workshops just to mention a few, you will literally have it all here. From hosting huge annual concerts, amazing professional acts to even comedies and music events, The Imperial theatre in the heart of Sarnia, ON area is a perfect paragon of amazing acts personified. if anything acting and arts is something that you happen to resonate with, then  paying this amazing establishment a visit while in the city of Sarnia has got to be a must as you are bound to love it all the way! Better yet, given its location, there is a plethora of ‘other’ activities as well as dining options near and around The Imperial Theatre of Sarnia. For an amazing fun-filled weekend while in the city of Sarnia, tag a long your friends and family to The Imperial Theatre! Visit today!

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