Were it not for our hospitable environs, life as we know it could certainly not exist. From the fresh clean air that we breaath, to the farm-fresh produce that we consume, all of this is possible thanks to our sweet habitable planet. There is more to life than just ‘us’ human beings and truth be told, a lot is aaat play and our life here below is more less a symbiotic one. However, some may argue that we’re just guardians of this planet that we call earth and to some extent we surely are. Besides the fresh air, food and water that our home offers us, there’s more to it surely. Mental health is without a doubt one of the key things in any human being. Without it, virtually anything in our bodies wou;d ultimately fail and that is where our sweet nature comes in to save the day. 

Conservation of our environment and all that is in it is without a single doubt inevitable. Failure to do so would mean the beginning of the end of our dear planet. As such, a lot has been done and needs to be done to safeguard not only our lives but those of our future generations. Posterity. Wawanosh Wetlands Conservation Area is one such perfect example of nature in its full glory. Here, expect bio-diversity on another level! From various bird species, and wildlife alike, Wawanosh Wetlands has been a haven to countless species whose survival is as important as is ours. Besides being abundant and full of life, this haven in the city of Sarnia offers its visitors with lovely winding nature trails for the perfect weekend getaway whether you happen to be with your friends and family or your pet as well. With the numerous picnic sites dotted throughout the park, you can bet that your visit alongside your better half will be the best as you get to feel and enjoy nature the ‘Sarnian’ way! For tourists visiting Sarnia for the very first time, this here is a destination that is highly recommended and it for a fact ought to be on your bucket list of places to tour while in Sarnia area. With the friendly and hospitable park staff, you can be sure that your visit to Wawanosh Wetlands will be as holistic as they come. What are you waiting for? Visit today!

Canatara Beach, Sarnia, Canada
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