Wiltshire Park

Wiltshire Park is a neighbourhood in Sarnia, Ontario. With a low crime rate, a high livability score, and many nice features, it is not surprising families love this area.

There is a large, beautiful park that goes by the same name, Wiltshire Park, and offers many opportunities for outdoor enjoyment. During the wintertime, tobogganing on the hill is an excellent way to enjoy exercise and fresh air. The park features a playground and two swing sets for children to play in a nice environment.

If you own a dog, you will appreciate this park. There is plenty of space for your pet to run, jump, and play. With several trees providing scenery, you will like the park as much as your pet.

When you live in this area, it is easy to get to the park. You can access it from either Wiltshire Drive or the Howard Watson Trail. Whichever option you choose, you will surely want to visit the park whenever you have free time.

While this area is welcoming to everyone, it is especially ideal for families. 44% of its residents have children living at home. With a population of 2,296, you will enjoy getting to know your friendly neighbours.

If you have children in your household, you will appreciate the fine schools. Although there are numerous schools in the area, Alexander Mackenzie Secondary School is located directly in the Wiltshire Park Neighbourhood. This public school is for students in grades 9-12.

A quiet area with a sense of community, it is safe at night. You can easily walk to the grocery stores and restaurants. This area also has high rankings for health care, utilities, and transportation. If you do not own a car, local buses are available.

With a slightly lower cost of living than the CDN average, living in Wiltshire Park is affordable. If you consider all of the benefits, though, price is not the only factor. If you are looking for a new place to live, Wiltshire Park may be exactly what you want.

Everybody wants a nice home in a nice neighbourhood. If you are hoping to find a family-friendly location with opportunities for outdoor activities and nearly everything you need nearby, your search may be over. You can start by thinking about all the Wiltshire Park neighbourhood has to offer, plan a visit to see it in person, and you may decide you have found the ideal place for your entire family!

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