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“Wisdom teeth” are the third and final set of permanent adult molars to erupt. Most people have four wisdom teeth, but occasionally one or two of them can be missing. Although they begin developing in early childhood, wisdom teeth aren’t usually fully formed until a person’s mid to late 20s.

If wisdom teeth are causing pain or damage to adjacent teeth, proactive removal is typically the best solution. Wisdom tooth extraction can prevent unwanted side effects later on in adulthood.

The Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process

Traditional surgical wisdom tooth removal involves making an incision in the gums to access the tooth, then segmenting it to remove it in phases.

How Long Does the Swelling and Pain Last During Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery?

The length of your recovery time will depend on the extent of the extraction (simple vs. complex), how well you care for the area after removal, and the type of procedure your dentist performs. Most of our wisdom tooth extraction patients are back to their normal routine within a few days, to a week.

How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost in Ontario?

The exact cost of a wisdom tooth removal is dependent upon several different factors. Depending on which one(s) apply to you, the overall fee of the procedure will vary. Some of the things to keep in mind include:

  • Number of wisdom teeth to be extracted
  • If the extraction is simple or surgical
  • Is the wisdom tooth impacted? How much?
  • Will anaesthesia be required?
  • Setting where the wisdom tooth removal is taking place

For instance, if we remove your wisdom teeth in our office, the fee would be lower than that charged at a surgical facility. Basic simple tooth extractions may only cost around $200, while an oral surgery (with anaesthesia) wisdom tooth removal with a specialist could be anywhere between $2000-3000. Our Sarnia dentist will be able to provide you with a fee breakdown after your initial exam.

Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Covered By OHIP?

No. At least, not usually. OHIP typically only covers hospitalisation needs (such as operating room facilities or overnight stays in a hospital) but not the actual wisdom tooth removal or anaesthesia required for such a procedure.

Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Covered by Ontario Works?

If your wisdom tooth is painful, infected, or causing symptoms that warrant an extraction, then your wisdom tooth removal surgery may be eligible for coverage under Ontario Works. However, proactive removal of asymptomatic wisdom teeth (that is, teeth without any pain, infection, or other symptoms) is typically not included under Ontario Works benefits.

Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Covered by Dental Insurance?

Does dental insurance cover wisdom tooth removal? Usually, yes. Since dental insurance plans can vary depending on the type of policy you’re enrolled in, the exact dollar amount of coverage can differ from one person to the next. All of that being said, most dental insurance policies will include wisdom tooth removal as a benefit.

As long as you have your insurance information, our Sarnia dentist can determine your benefit eligibility and work your benefit coverage into your recommended care plan. From there, you’ll have an overall estimate of any remaining balances (or out-of-pocket expenses) that the insurance does not cover. We provide this information to you prior to your scheduled surgery, so that you can plan accordingly.

Wisdom Tooth Removal in Sarnia

Do you or your teen need to have wisdom teeth removed? Reserve a consultation at Dr Karen Davis Dentistry to find out how we can serve you!

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