7 AMAZING Ways ZOOM Teeth Whitening Can Improve Your Life

Our Sarnia ZOOM teeth whitening has the potential of helping you achieve a life-changing brighter smile in under 2 hours!

The first step is to protect your delicate soft tissue from light and powerful solutions. We do this by covering your gums with a solidifying material that will blanket them and block any potential irritants.  

After isolation has been achieved, we will apply the whitening gel onto the front of your teeth, and place the light over your mouth (which activates the whitening formula and oxidize stains). Best results are achieved in 3-4 sessions of 15-minute intervals.

7 Reasons to Get ZOOM Teeth Whitening

You may be surprised to hear the benefits of  ZOOM teeth whitening!

Enhance Your Appearance

When you look in the mirror after your treatment you might feel shocked at the change in your appearance!  Whiter teeth will give everyone a youthful glow and sparkle in your smile!

Boost Your Self-Confidence

A bright smile will boost your self-esteem and as a result an amazing feeling of satisfaction. When you have self-confidence, who knows what you’ll be capable of?  Having a positive outlook on life can give you endless opportunities.

More Approachable?

Never underestimate the power of a nice smile and the importance of looking your best!

When your teeth are whiter, you’re likely to smile more often. If others see this, your new appearance and added confidence may seem friendlier, trustworthy, and more approachable to others believe it or not!

Increase Your Chances of Making A Good First Impression

Your new smile and perspective on life are likely to give off an aura of dignity like no other.  When others notice this, they may be impressed and appeal to you more. This is extremely helpful when considering a promotion or being interviewed for that dream job!

Unlikely to Break The Bank

Unlike veneers, a more involved and costly cosmetic treatment, ZOOM whitening is very affordable. Whitening your teeth is a budget-friendly option for your smile makeover!

Doesn’t Damage Your Healthy Teeth

As long as your teeth are healthy, professional whitening is completely safe and won’t cause damage. Other cosmetic dentistry procedures like veneers and bonding alter the anatomy of your teeth and possibly may require occasional replacement.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Does it sound like tooth whitening is the pick-me-up you have been looking for? Give us a call at Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry in Sarnia a call today!  Don’t wait!

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