ZOOM Teeth Whitening in Sarnia: What It Costs & How It Works

Thinking about brightening your smile with ZOOM teeth whitening in Sarnia?


Well, if that’s the case, you probably already know…


Having whiter teeth will significantly improve the way you feel about yourself, how you look in photos and even when you’re laughing around friends! ZOOM teeth whitening is an excellent and affordable option for a smile makeover!


If you have dark or discoloured teeth and are looking for immediate results, then a ZOOM teeth whitening treatment in Sarnia is definitely your best choice! Call Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry, best dentist in Sarnia and get started!

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Just like your skin and hair, teeth have their own slightly unique colour and hue that make each person different than the next. The outer layer of our teeth is made up of enamel, which is much whiter than the underlying yellow layer comprised of dentin. If you have thinner enamel, your teeth may appear more yellow than you like. Even then, some people’s enamel is naturally darker than others.


Enamel is also porous. It can soak up and accumulate stains from everything between the coffee you drink in the morning to the tomato sauce on your dinner plate. During tooth formation (which occurs during utero and childhood) our teeth can also be affected by medications that we (or our pregnant mothers) take, such as tetracycline.


Common tooth staining factors include:


  • Red wine, coffee, tea, soda, etc.

  • Dark berries, curry, and tomato products

  • Vitamin supplements

  • Tobacco use


One of the most common examples of when we notice the darkness of adult teeth is in children with mixed dentitions (a combination of baby and adult teeth.) Why? Because baby teeth lack the thick yellow dentin layers, making their smiles appear significantly whiter. As adult teeth erupt next to them, the permanent smile may look much darker in contrast to the baby teeth next to them.

ZOOM Teeth Whitening Consultations in Sarnia, ON

Before whitening your teeth, Dr. Karen Davis will want to ensure your smile is healthy. We will examine your smile closely for conditions such as open areas of decay, gum recession and periodontal disease (all of which can lead to irritation or hypersensitivity when exposed to whitening products.)


If you do need to have any type of restorative treatment, Dr Davis will recommend basic treatment be completed before starting the whitening process, for your comfort.

Planning for Your ZOOM Teeth Whitening Procedure

Our Sarnia teeth whitening patients respond best to treatment when booking their procedure soon after a dental cleaning, when all of the build-up and surface stains have been polished away.


At the time of your ZOOM appointment, plan to be at our office for about 1-1.5 hours. As soon as your ZOOM teeth whitening treatment is done, you will have dramatically whiter teeth!


The procedure is simple. You lay back and relax, while we apply the concentrated, prescription-strength gel directly to your visible tooth surfaces. Next, a bright light accelerates the oxidation of stain particles, and the gel is rinsed away. We usually repeat this 15-minute process 3-4 times to help you achieve the ideal colour, which is usually 6-7 times brighter than when you came in!

Maintenance and Aftercare

Because ZOOM teeth whitening removes both accumulated stain and whitens natural tooth colour, it’s easy to maintain. Included in this service are custom made home whitening trays, which will allow you to touch up your smile when needed.


When possible, limit stain-causing foods and drinks, or use a straw to prevent new stain build-up on your teeth.


If you’re planning on having other cosmetic dentistry work done such as dental veneers or composite bonding, it is always best to whiten your teeth first, so that the new restorations can match the whiter colour of the adjacent teeth. If you choose to whiten at a later time, those restorations would need to be changed out (they cannot be whitened.)

How Much Does ZOOM Teeth Whitening Cost?

The cost of whitening your teeth can vary. Having same day ZOOM teeth whitening in Sarnia usually costs about $500, which includes your custom made home whitening trays and concentrated gel for touch-ups (which if purchased alone can run a few hundred dollars.) With proper maintenance, you can keep your teeth white for years.


When you need to look your best for an upcoming job interview, wedding, or just treat your recent grad to a special gift, ZOOM whitening is a fast and affordable way to enhance any smile!


Since teeth whitening is considered an elective cosmetic procedure, it’s not covered by insurance. Fortunately, it’s quite an affordable aesthetic treatment and provides immediate results that can be complemented later on if you so choose.


Find out if ZOOM is right for you! Schedule a complimentary consultation at Dr. Karen Davis Dentistry in Sarnia today to get started. New patients are always welcome!

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